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In Home Caregiver in Owensboro, KY

Your busy schedule does not allow you to comfortably take care of your elderly mother or father yourself.  You need to consult our in home caregiver services at Comfort Keepers in Owensboro, KY.

Specialist in home caregiver services for Owensboro, KY and the surrounding areas. 

Our carefully selected and trained in home caregiver aides will lift the burden off your shoulders by:

Interacting with them

Old age and its accompanying health conditions means your aging parents may not be as mobile as they were in their prime. Sitting and sleeping alone tends to breed loneliness. Our compassionate and well trained staff will keep them company, interact with them and engage them in social activities including short walks, plays, games, lively conversation and sharing of meals. 

Kitchen work

Your aging loved one would be longing for certain meals, prepared in some way and served with specific accompaniments. Yet, they may not be able to go to the market or prepare any meal.  Our staff have on-the-job experience for such cases and will source, prepare and share delicious meals according to your loved one’s taste without compromising quality and their nutritionist’s orders.


Your parents may have kept their clothes, bedding and other laundry clean when they were strong. Even in their present state, they may be demanding for the same standards. We have the skills and equipment to meet their expectations by washing, drying, folding, ironing, and keeping their clothing.

Light domestic chores

Our staff are skilled enough to carry out light domestic chores –sweeping, dusting, arranging the kitchen etc -alone or by creatively involving your aging loved ones. This would keep your loved one active and hence making them feel useful to the family.

Taking medicine

Your loved ones may be experiencing moments of memory losses because of age or health conditions. Hence, cannot take their medicine unaided. Our qualified staff will assist your elderly parents to take their medicine in the correct doses and at the right time as per their doctor’s prescription.

Round the clock care

Your irregular schedule means you are not sure when you would be at home. Our in home caregivers offers a round the clock care to your parents giving you peace of mind.

For details about our In Home Caregiver in Owensboro, KY, call us today at (270) 387-3221. We will be delighted to hear from you.

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